I find it incredibly helpful to write as I code, but most of that writing has never left my private notebooks. TILs (today I learneds) are my attempt at documenting and sharing my day-to-day learnings in case they might help others. The focus on learning also feels less daunting than writing blog posts.

2022 July 10 Diagnosing an issue with plugin modules, process pools, and the import system
2022 July 8 Update fastai union annotations using ast
2022 July 4 Compiling Python to C using setuptools and Cython
2022 June 23 Creating a minimal custom Jupyter widget
2022 June 23 Point and click directory navigation inside a Jupyter notebook
2022 June 22 Create and execute cells inside a Jupyter notebook
2022 June 21 Setting up TILs in Pelican
2022 June 20 Using Pelican as a library